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New to Model Airplanes?
Common Questions
1. How much does a model airplane cost?
2. What do I need to get started?
3. Is it difficult?
4. Where do I find help?
5. What is the range of the radio controller?
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My First Flight
« The model had now been in
the air for about twenty minutes »
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Practice Flying With Simulators
It will be very expensive to fly your airplane into trees, mountains or to crash it somewhere else. Read this article to learn how to practice on simulators
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Latest Article Submissions
Beginner’s suggestions for selecting a beginner’s aircraft.
Information in forums can be useful....
By johnling - 2007-07-12
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How to use Flight Simulators the right way?
It’s been said a million times before, and this is the last time; a flight simul...
By Gomle - 2006-08-30
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RC Planes. What’s it all about?
The model airplane hobby consists of so much more than just flying a plane. Ther...
By Gomle - 2006-08-28
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Submitted by johnling

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1. P51 Mustang
2. Superstar 40 EX
3. j perkins Tiger Moth
4. P-40 WarHawk
5. Slo-V

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